A un work-ut for the little grey cells

If you are after more than just a ‘place the pieces’ type app game, this will really appeal! A few rounds of this fun quiz are sure to give your brain a good workout and sharpen your word skills in the process.

Like all the best games, Quizaz is not difficult to learn; just pick up the basic idea and you are set to enjoy hours of fun. Each letter from A to Z has its own set of puzzles – more than 2,500 in all, so there is plenty to keep you occupied.

Try to solve each puzzle by linking the picture with a word using the letters provided below; if you get stuck, use your ‘coins’ to gain more clues to help you.

This versatile game is fun to play solo or with friends. Set yourself a challenge to see how quickly you can solve each round, or compete with others to find the champion in your group. Adults will love the problem-solving nature of the game; children will love taking part in a word game they can share; everyone will love the satisfaction of finding the right word for the right picture!

Scientists have proved that word games keep us mentally alert and everybody loves having fun, so this is fantastic on many levels and having it to hand on your favourite device means never being bored again! The colourful pictures add to the interest and the letters are clear and unfussy, so they are easy to read.

You can use the coins provided with the game or purchase more if you need them. There is also a video to watch to give you extra clues if you get stuck.

Quizaz really is a great little game with all the appeal of word-game classics such as hangman and Scrabble, but being an app means that it is convenient to use while travelling or whenever you have a free moment.




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